Why Me?

Why Me?

San Francisco Is Home To Thousands of Real Estate Agents – What Makes You Select One Over The Other?

Often times, one goes with their “gut” feeling when making decisions regarding real estate representation. But, you might want to do a little more due diligence when making seven figure decisions (as is the case when buying or selling in San Francisco).

What Makes Scott Stand Above the Competition?

I own real estate in San Francisco
I made a decision long ago to set down roots in San Francisco. I also made the investment to buy into San Francisco real estate. I strongly believe that owning San Francisco real estate is a great investment over the long term. I don’t think I could be an advocate to my clients buy real estate if I also did not own. When you interview agents, maybe ask them if they own real estate.

I actually live in San Francisco
I’ve called San Francisco home for over two decades and made the decision to raise my kids here. I know the City like the back of my hand. I’ve lived in several neighborhoods and can provide my clients first hand insight into different neighborhood characteristics. Is the neighborhood an “up & comer” or fully priced? Are the neighborhood schools good, or would you want to consider private school? Is it a “kid-friendly” area with families or more of a young couples area? I can guide you through these types of decisions and help you find your new home.

I am a broker, not just an agent
Above all other agent qualities; experience counts. The number of deals a real estate professional has under their belts matters. But, San Francisco is home to expensive real estate that often times, does not fit into a simple template as far as transactions are concerned. If your transactions runs into problems, wouldn’t you be more comfortable knowing that your representation was more experienced & educated than the party on the other side of the table?


“My wife and I were looking to buy a home in the City at a time that was very competitive for buyers. Each property we liked turned into a multiple offer situation and we were consistently outbid. We decided to switch agents as we felt we were not getting the right insight or approach. A co-worker recently purchased using Scott as his agent and he suggested we give Scott a call. We ended up learning that you don’t just write an offer and “lob it in” to the listing agent. In fact, there is much to writing an offer in a competitive environment. Although we didn’t realize success on our first offer with Scott, we did succeed on our second. Getting your offer accepted often has a lot to do with agent-to-agent relationships and getting any possible insight over your competition. Scott was well-known and went the extra mile to get the insight we needed to get our offer accepted. We can highly recommend Scott for your real estate needs!”

-John & Kate S.

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