For sellers

Exceeding Expectations Is My Priority — That’s Why Sellers Trust Me With One Of Their Most Prized Assets

My clients expect attention to detail. They know that the extra effort I put forth will reward them by maximizing the returns from selling their property.
My real estate marketing is not a formulaic “one size fits all” proposition. Rather, it’s a unique exercise that is both part art and science; custom tailored to your home and the market conditions when your home is listed. Proper marketing to yield the best return on your home is my goal.
Here’s what to expect:
Pricing Your Property
As with markets, pricing is fluid. My experience along with an in-depth comparative analysis will determine your property’s current value.
Disclosure Preparation
Providing insight into your property to qualified buyers is essential. Should you order pre-sale inspections? What if you had work performed without permits? I can guide you through this process so you can feel confident you minimize downstream liability.
Marketing Plan
When preparing your home for sale, it’s critical to have a well-planned marketing program to (1) highlight the property’s upside & features and (2) target & attract the most likely buyers for your property. This will be achieved using several mediums; all targeted to the appropriate audience.
Preparation for Sale
Showing your property in its best light is my goal. Do you need some staging to ‘fill in” the home or just rearrange some furniture? No task is too small to ensure your property looks its best.
Price is only part of the offer. Other terms are often overlooked and can trip up an inexperienced agent. I will negotiate ALL terms of the contract to secure the best offer for your property.
For investors

San Francisco Real Estate Investing Is Not Easy — Let Me Help You Maximize Your R.O.I.

San Francisco offers investors numerous challenges; tenant’s rights, rent control and in-law units are just a few of the many minefields that need expert navigating. Often times, these challenges create outstanding opportunities for savvy investors that have the right broker to source and evaluate deals.
I advise my clients on a realistic return on their investment for the market today, as well as potential for increases (and decreases) in rental rates appropriate for a specific location. If you’re looking to add income property to your portfolio, I can help you.
Let me help you with a simple goal; deliver you the right property to maximize the return on your investment.

For Buyers

San Francisco Is Home To Sophisticated Buyers — Entrust A Sophisticated Broker To Manage This Process For You

What makes me unique? Experience, Commitment, Integrity & Follow-through. Buying real estate can be a stressful process that often times conflicts with your daily professional and family responsibilities. Considering a home is often one’s largest individual investment, you need a broker that has an intelligent, focused yet discreet approach to find you the perfect property.
What can you expect when working with Scott?
What is your comfort zone? Get pre-approved by a trusted, local lender. Get pre-approved with your banking institution and I can make an introduction to responsive mortgage brokers so you can measure both quotes.
The Market at the given time you are searching
What is “the” market today? The past six months or the next twelve months? All of this will help you better define your approach and search.
Your Requirements
I listen carefully before I speak. It’s all about your needs; not my agenda. I can help you define what will become a search plan. This includes your preferences for neighborhood, amenities, style, outdoor space and other unique features.
The Property Search
I search for more than available properties on MLS. I use my personal and agent network to find all available properties that are suitable to you. I also pre-screen properties when I can so you don’t waste your time. When it’s time for you to look at a property, I will accompany you as two sets of eyes are better than one!
Negotiating a Contract
Are you over paying? What if we don’t have an appraisal contingency? Should we rely on the sellers inspection reports? There are a lot of small details that can weigh heavily on writing THE offer that gets accepted. I can drive this so you can feel confident you made the best offer for you.
From Ratification of a Contract to Close of Escrow
A lot can happen during the escrow process; I can guide this process so its smooth until the close.
Through each step in the process, I will be there to put my expertise to work for you.

For developers

No other city in the Country offers so many challenges to real estate developers as does San Francisco.

With challenges, come great opportunities to those that know the process.
My developer services offer more than just sourcing a project; I bring “best of class” talent in risk mitigation, marketing, sales, escrow management and design.
Once I source a project for a client, the real work starts. Project feasibility and a thorough marketing analysis will determine the highest and best use as well as R.O.I for a given project.
A high level overview of my services is below. For more specifics, just give me a call.
Who are the buyers of your product and what will motivate them to purchase? I can accurately identify your target buyers and appeal to their desire to (a) look at your product, then, ideally, (b) purchase your product.
Marketing Components & Campaigns
My clients benefit from my innovative marketing that is a huge part of the San Francisco market. Your development will receive a well-planned, campaign that incorporates all aspects of marketing, public relations and on-site event promotion.
Risk Mitigation
Rule #1: protect the client. In working with your legal professionals, I can guide the disclosure process so you are as protected as possible. This includes documentation as well as setting buyer expectations.
Escrow Management
Getting to a ratified contract is only the beginning of the paperwork. Using technology and highly skilled professionals, I can ensure that each file is actively monitored for milestones. This helps to speed the process as well as protect the developer from liability.
Selling new construction or repositioned property is not the same as selling the home on the corner. You need highly-skilled professionals that can “sell” key features of the property as well as converse with buyers in an expert manner on the construction of the subject property.
When you hire me, you are hiring an expert team!
BRE / Public Report Management
I actively manage the developers Public Report process. What should be included in the CC&R’s that will help the sales effort? Should you have active or passive contingencies in your contracts? Let me help you with this so you can focus on the product. I can ensure that delays are minimized and the process keeps moving toward completion.
Loan Sourcing
I can introduce you to the appropriate institutions for buyer financing; whether it’s a big bank, insurance company or investment bank. With the selected lender, I will help to put an attractive financing package together for all buyers.
Post Close Services
The work does not stop at the close of escrow. Once the development is fully sold out, buyers expect HOA creation, management, property overview & training and transitional services for “punch list” items. I can manage this entire transition so each buyer remembers the developer and their product as a well branded, superior product.