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Richmond Dist. and Lake Street Price Comparison & Trends

Richmond District and Lake Street corridor Neighborhood Home Value Comparison Charts


Annual House & Condo Appreciation Trends


Below are a series of charts that look at comparative home values and appreciation trends. The statistic used in any particular chart is either median sales price or average dollar per square foot, and charts may pertain to houses, condos in general, or condos of specific bedroom counts.

Usually the charts compare different neighborhoods within one Realtor district, but sometimes we step back to compare values in areas all over the city. Below is a map of the 10 Realtor districts and their component neighborhoods, and at the bottom of this report is a complete delineation. There are 70-odd neighborhoods in San Francisco, and the charts do not include every single one. We are happy to provide information on any not included.




Richmond District & Lake Street
District 1




District 1 (Northwest): Sea Cliff, Lake Street, Richmond (Inner, Central, Outer), Jordan Park/Laurel Heights, Lone Mountain