Probate & Trust

Probate & Trust

probateWhen it comes to the special processes involved during probate and trust administration, attorneys, executors, trustees & licensed fiduciaries rely on Scott for his experience and value added services. I provide comprehensive, confidential and professional on-site real estate services.


My services allow you to focus on your probate & trust client relationships; affording you the confidence to delegate the busy field work to a skilled professional.
Below are some of the services I provide.

Selling Real Estate in Probate or Trust

Scott has sold condos, TIC’s, single family homes and multi-unit properties held by estates in probate and trusts throughout the area.


Personal Property, Cleaning and Property Maintenance

Administrators often value my services associated with inventory of personal property left in a home, especially in second-to-die situations when the family is unable to assist.  I provide complete cataloging services, including photography and assistance obtaining item valuations when needed.  I can also work with families and administrators to identify items to be donated, sold or discarded as the property is prepared for cleaning and or marketing.  As needed, I arrange for licensed contractors to make repairs prior to distribution to heirs or sale of the property.


Pricing (BPO)

Scott has experience with preparing broker price opinions for all types of properties.  If required by the estate administrator, probate referee or probate court, Scott can also arrange for a licensed real estate appraiser to provide a more detailed valuation of real property.



“Our home was a special place for my family and I had an emotional attachment. I know selling the home is really a business transaction but I wanted the marketing of the home to show the details of the home as well as the love and care we put into it for 16 years. Scott put a great marketing plan together and I believe the personal attention to detail had a big impact on us getting multiple offers.”
-Jane & Kevin

“It’s been great working with you, I can’t thank you enough. The new home is awesome and I couldn’t be happier!”

“It’s been stressful for me (as I know you know!!!) not being there for the sale. You really made my life easier by taking the reins and driving the sale. Thank you again!”